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Pilates in Mind is located one block west of Riverfront Blvd. in the Design District. The studio connects to Trenz Gallery and has its very own pink garage. You can't miss it.

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1444 Oak Lawn Avenue
Design District, TX, 75207
United States

pilates in mind is a boutique Pilates studio located in the Design District in Dallas, TX. We offer individual and group training lessons. Our instructors come from nationally-recognized training programs and will leave you feeling more in tune with your body and mind.

lessons and pricing information

Here, you'll find out about our lessons, classes and pricing.

Pilates Lessons & pricing

Private Lessons

Expertly-crafted and individualized, a private lesson will give your body the attention it deserves. Learn the fundamentals needed to confidently move throughout your day and gain a wealth of knowledge that keeps you safe and effective. Private lessons are the ultimate gateway into both the Pilates method and the understanding of your unique strengths and challenges.


Duet Lessons

This is an awesome way to get started with a friend or fellow student. It lets you explore the techniques and fundamentals of Pilates along with a partner. Duets function similarly to Private lessons in that you will get individualized instruction and walk away with a ton of information on how your body moves most effectively.


"Pilates has improved my flexibility, strength, and posture.  But what I enjoy most about Pilates in Mind is the inviting space and Beth's enthusiasm and expertise.  She keeps it fun and I always leave feeling great.  It's a perfect way to start the day."

Pricing & Packages

Here at Pilates in Mind, we like to keep things simple. Below you will see pricing for private and duet lessons. They are separated by Beth's Rates and Ariana's Rates which are slightly different.

Ariana baker

owner and instructor

Studio Account            $1260     expires 6 months after purchase

use to deduct 14 Private Lessons or 20 Duets or a combination of the two. You will receive a reminder when your Account is running low.        

Studio Packages

4 Private Lessons            $360        expires 45 days after purchase

8 Private Lessons            $720        expires 90 days after purchase


4 Duet Lessons            $240        expires 45 days after purchase

8 Duet Lessons            $480        expires 90 days after purchase   

private lesson        

$95 (single), $90 (Studio Account or Package)


$130 (single), $120 (Studio Account or Package)

Referral Program

If you refer someone who purchases a Studio Account or package, you will receive a $25 gift card to our studio.

"I highly recommend Pilates in Mind. All of the teachers here are excellent. They are knowledgeable of Pilates technique, anatomy, and how to accommodate students’ needs. Since taking Pilates at Pilates in Mind, mostly with Morgan (sometimes in group classes and also one-on-one), I have less hip and knee pain and have seen increases in strength and coordination. I took yoga for years and also lifted weights regularly and while my strength increased and form improved, it wasn't until I started taking Pilates equipment classes that I saw a huge improvement, After only a few months of Pilates, I could finally do chaturanga dandasana, and after a year of Pilates, I could kick up into handstand on my own. Finally, my yoga teachers have commented that my form overall has improved. I encourage anyone who is curious about Pilates equipment classes or private Pilates training to try Pilates in Mind!"